Author: Phillip

Engaging With The Learning Platform Trainers


There are many forms of e-learning.  It’s an absolutely massive market these days and to be sure of getting the sort of training or learning package that suits y our needs, a lot of research at the start will save much money and wasted time later on.   Businesses of course need to update their staff […]

Retraining For A Career In Teaching


Looking at a career change, someone may decide after a few years in business that they’d like to become a teacher.  As all teachers need a minium of a bacehlor’s degree.  Rather than go back to university or a teacher training college, and spend a full 3 years training, it is possible for someone with […]

Online Learning Brings Self Disclipline & Lifetime Skills


Study at home can be rewarding in many senses.  A qualification can make all the difference between working towards and getting that dream job, and staying put in the existing one, gradually getting into a rut.   Distance learning give the opportunity to work around existing commitments, to study in  your own time and pace whilst […]

Foundation Course To Kick Off Education Training Career


There are really so many careers connected with the education and learning side of industry – knowing your place in that is fundamental to your progression.  For anyone who has worked on the fringe of classroom education, perhaps as a teaching assistant or class helper with struggling readers and who now wish to take up […]

Getting Your Child Upper School Selection Prepared


There are many schools in this area – a built up family orientated estate that leads out onto main arterial routes to bigger and probably more prosperous towns.  The schools are fairly middling to good – the best state schools are some way off and this presents a problem for the families who want to […]