Looking Into The Right Home Learning Platform

October 19, 2020 0 Comment

We’re very aware how things are changing in the world of education and provision of it.   Home learning tools are becoming much more an everyday requirement than just for the swotty families or those who rely on home learning altogether.   Parents can research various platforms to get the best tools for their child.  Most of the home learning schemes will offer a subscription system that offers a wide range of learning rescources.   One particular one offers access to many hundreds of interactive tutorial worksheets on the national curriculum core subjects of English, Maths and Science up to GCSE level.  This would appear to provide a huge amount for the outlay.  Of course being able to rely on work being  provided by qualified teachers is critical.  The provider should be able to show evidence that theirs do exactly that.  One that offers a parent’s dashboard is also vital so their child/childrens’ results and progress can be checked and contact with tutors maintained.     Being able to check genuine reviews of suppliers by other parents, satisfied or otherwise, is also very important in this enterprise.