A Point To Learning Makes It Worthwhile

August 3, 2023 0 Comment

We can all do with some exta learning tools in our lives – whether that is a new book, a computer programme or a replica of our splendid teacher from high school.   There is always room for expanding our knowlede base ad there is ever a best time to achieve this – every opportnity to learn should be grasped every time.   When I was in a Government posting, we had mandatory training courses.  Most of the subjects were based aroud ati fraud, anti money laundering and ensuring that each membe of the team and department offered the very best service they could  – whilst also ensuring they neverbrought the ministry into a claim of disrepute or other jeopardy.   This training was delivered via the desk top computer at our own desk and was linked to the line manager – they then knew who had completed which topic and who had not.  The manne of teaching seemes old fasioned now but the point of the exerise was not lost on any of us  when a colleague was later discovered attempting all of those felonies!