Home Learning Outside The School System

June 2, 2023 0 Comment

There are certain rules  covering the subject of home learning.  Generally the state expects all parents or carers to have the children in their care schooled entirely within the state school learning system, or if means allow, via the paid-for private sector.   So long as the child gains the benefit of being taught.  The current rules dictate that children must receive a full time eduction from the age of 5 years, but this does not have to follow the national cucciculum.  If the child/ren are currently being educated within the chool system, the carer/parent must advise the school/s of any plan to self educate them a home.  The school has to accept the child is going to be educated at home completely but they can refuse if you ask to send the child to school some of the time.  If the child has a school attendance order, then special perission must be gained from the local council or issuing odepartment before any home learning can be considered.