Retraining For A Career In Teaching

June 16, 2020 0 Comment

Looking at a career change, someone may decide after a few years in business that they’d like to become a teacher.  As all teachers need a minium of a bacehlor’s degree.  Rather than go back to university or a teacher training college, and spend a full 3 years training, it is possible for someone with an existing degree to take the PGCE which is post graduate certificate in education.    Of course, it will depend on the type and quality of the degree already held.  To take matters further, it is essential to really look at all the options before signing up to an online course, as with any subject.  But firstly check your eligibility for online teacher training and explore the training options offered.  Arranging to visit schools and get the required in class school experience is also necessary.   It is also possible to apply via the UCAS teacher training if recently a student.  There are so many options to further a truly inspiring career.