Little Miss Genius Is A Joy To Watch

May 16, 2021 0 Comment

I have been pretty amazed by a young neighbour who is an absolute whizz at learning.   The child appears to have the most incredible memory and at only 4 years and 3 months is able to read junior books fluently and can recite poems and limmericks after the very first hearing and knows her times tables and can count up in fives.  I know hundreds of adults who can’t do much of that.  Because I see her less frequently than her family, this little girl’s progress is a joy to witness.  They all seem to just take it in their stride – she has been moved up a step at kindergarden pre school, but they didn’t ask for this.  I have never heard them mention online classes or indeed have I ever heard her mention anything online.  The power of conversation and bonding over shared playtime has brought out a confidence in her that may otherwise have lain dormant, together with this astonishing thirst for knowledge.  She doesn’t show off, quite unaware as to how much brighter she is than others of her year.  It’s quite marvellous to watch and listen to her in ‘mat’ play.  She has all sorts of shopping and road sense floor games!