Getting Seniors Familiar With Online Learning

December 5, 2022 0 Comment

No one can have too much learning or education.   I help out with a social group for the over 55s.  When this scheme was started many years ago, 55 was considered to be dangerously over the hill and so a social group for the few was to stimulate and just entertain.  However, this last couple of years I have noted the main group who were just happy with ingo and card games are now wanting to do something more challenging – such as scrabble and chess and later on, requests for crafts were heard.  This is a direct result of a couple of members who introduced their pals to online courses which they could enjoy in little groups at one or other’s houses.  They were tapping into the WI courses on crafts and history, following someone on screen doing a walking tour of Fleet Street etc.  We set up a laptop at one meeting and we all enjoyed a slow but entertaining walking tour of some Cotswoleds villages on the main video channel – it was great fun.