Mum Having Handy Science Teaching Skills

October 5, 2022 0 Comment

It was truly refreshing the other week when my young neighbour came round with a little gift to say thank you for looking after their vast collection of indoor plants.  It wasn’t too onerous a task, once I’d fought my way into the kitchen past a variety of school bags, sports kits, football boots etc.  The kitchen was full of stuff too.  but interestingly it was of a scientific experiement sort of set up.  apparently because the mum is a sciencist, she does research for schools education and tries out many of the ideas with her children.  There were all sorts of plants in interesting bits of kit.  Lots of paperwork relating to learning schemes too.  it turns out that she tests and evaluates online learning resources for schools and tries out many of the experiements and practical tasks that are part of the courses.  As my young friend said, she excells in science herself because her mum gives her the understanding to take it to the next level.