Learning To Make Newsletters At Quick Speed

June 12, 2022 0 Comment

I been on a learning curve recently.  I need to brush up on the use of a publishing programme so I can edit the local women’s group magazine.  We’ve been paying a 3rd party attached to the printing company and that’s an open contract where they design the whole thing and after approval, get it printed and delivered to our local HQ.  The idea is for me to learn to produce the magazine in-house so we can either print it ourselves as a stand alone production or we do the up front design to send over to the printer.  I haven’t used the particular bit of software for many years and back then it was a bit more clunky.  I did however do some of the coursework in distant learning format and it was so helpful and beneficial, being able to study in my own time and not have to race to the training venue – it was great being able to discuss my options with the trainer online too.  No travel is easier for many courses.