Training To Raise That Employability Rating

November 6, 2020 0 Comment

When times are tough in the country, it can be particularly difficult to get employment even for the above average candidate.  Ensuring that they have the skills and confidence to put themselves forward for every vacancy discovered is absolutely critical.  It can be confusing to know where exactly to start on this journey – how do you know what any employer needs if you can’t get your application selected.  The first and foremost thing for any candidate is to consider their employability.  Do they pocess good English language skills, can they write fluently and tidily.  Is their basic mathematics better than simply grabbing the phone calculator and do they present themselves in a cheerful, positive and helpful light?    There are some excellent online training courses to help ensure their employability rating improves by addressing all these topics, as well as drumming into them how to produce a top class CV.  This is critical, as is the covering letter – their only chance to say ‘look at me and what I can offer’.